Fantasy Dagger Progress 8/26/2018

Work In Progress / 27 August 2018

I might be done now. A few more hours of work on it and I toned down the highlights on the wood, additional painting on everything, made the leaves a bit more yellow/green, reduced the edge detailing on the blade, and a bunch of other things. Before the wood didn't feel like wood, so it needed to be darkened and flattened out a bit. The differences are subtle, but it ties everything up. I think it helped a ton. I'm getting pretty happy with it in its current state, I might even call it done.

I threw it into marmoset and started to do some lighting. Here's my first pass in marmoset!

extra fun shot: (was messing around with blade color variation..then emissive)

Still WIP, at least for the marmoset screenshots. I'll sleep on it and look at it tomorrow and see how I feel about the textures and materials and change if needed. I plan to put the marmoset viewer into an artstation post along with fancy screenshots.