Fantasy Dagger Progress 8/31/2018

Work In Progress / 01 September 2018

I wasn't happy with some areas so I worked on painting more tonight. NOW I think it's done, the texturing at least. I painted a ton more on the wood adding color, added harsher gradients (the back is very dark now), made the leaves more yellow-ish. I also changed the placement of the leaves. I'm doing a lot of marmoset lighting tests now, since I haven't really rendered anything in marmoset for realzies's pretty dope!

Here's the new paint job in substance: (the model in substance is still the old, I did some FFD and leaf changes before exporting to marmoset)

Here's some lighting tests I'm doing in marmoset: (New leaf placement, shortened front a bit, curved blade a little more)

This is probably going to be the last blog for this. I'll finish up my lighting tests in marmoset and do final renders next and publish it to my artstation. I think its pretty cool how far this thing has come. I'm glad it turned into something I can be proud of and not be afraid of anymore. Just look at where it was when I stopped working on it before! Gross!