Fantasy Dagger Progress 8/31/2018

Work In Progress / 01 September 2018

I wasn't happy with some areas so I worked on painting more tonight. NOW I think it's done, the texturing at least. I painted a ton more on the wood adding color, added harsher gradients (the back is very dark now), made the leaves more yellow-ish. I also changed the placement of the leaves. I'm doing a lot of marmoset lighting tests now, since I haven't really rendered anything in marmoset for realzies's pretty dope!

Here's the new paint job in substance: (the model in substance is still the old, I did some FFD and leaf changes before exporting to marmoset)

Here's some lighting tests I'm doing in marmoset: (New leaf placement, shortened front a bit, curved blade a little more)

This is probably going to be the last blog for this. I'll finish up my lighting tests in marmoset and do final renders next and publish it to my artstation. I think its pretty cool how far this thing has come. I'm glad it turned into something I can be proud of and not be afraid of anymore. Just look at where it was when I stopped working on it before! Gross!

Fantasy Dagger Progress 8/26/2018

Work In Progress / 27 August 2018

I might be done now. A few more hours of work on it and I toned down the highlights on the wood, additional painting on everything, made the leaves a bit more yellow/green, reduced the edge detailing on the blade, and a bunch of other things. Before the wood didn't feel like wood, so it needed to be darkened and flattened out a bit. The differences are subtle, but it ties everything up. I think it helped a ton. I'm getting pretty happy with it in its current state, I might even call it done.

I threw it into marmoset and started to do some lighting. Here's my first pass in marmoset!

extra fun shot: (was messing around with blade color variation..then emissive)

Still WIP, at least for the marmoset screenshots. I'll sleep on it and look at it tomorrow and see how I feel about the textures and materials and change if needed. I plan to put the marmoset viewer into an artstation post along with fancy screenshots.

Fantasy Dagger Progress 8/23/18

Work In Progress / 24 August 2018

Focused some time on the blade and did more painting on the wood. Not sure if I like how much detail is in the roughness of the blade right now, I might have gone a bit overboard. I'll definitely spend some more time painting the blade. I've found it's strange to paint light into a albedo in pbr, the metals and roughness don't really pick it up like how I'd imagine. Makes sense though, physically.

Before pic: (I kinda like how simple the blade is here actually)

Still WIP! Not done till I love it.

Fantasy Dagger Project

Work In Progress / 21 August 2018

First blog post. Let's try this out!

Here's a stylized dagger I'm "working on". I say that in quotations because I finished the sculpt 3 years ago and then started to hand paint it in substance painter and then I gave it up. I probably moved onto more interesting things, or because I was afraid it wasn't meeting the quality bar I had in my head at the time. I'm not a stylized hand painting kinda person. I like to do more realistic type painting this dagger is a challenge for me. The whole reason I started this project was so I can practice my stylized sculpting and also my hand painting like how WoW or LoL does. I didn't want to go full cartoony, just suggestive of it. I'm certain the term is 'stylized PBR' for what I'm going for; hand painted base colors, with realistic materials and lighting. I love how that looks on these types of assets, I also just really love baked normals maps and a good roughness map.

Alright that's enough text, here's the sculpt I finished 3 years ago. Pencil sketch by my friend Lonnie Harrison.

(I think the sculpt is still decent. There's a lot of things I would do differently now. But I'm not about to re-sculpt, re-bake anything. I'm moving on. I just want to texture the damn thing.)

Progress of the sculpt (This was a test to myself to create a sculpt from scratch from start to finish only in zbrush):

-Shadowbox, zspheres, dynamesh helped me get the job done-

Lowpoly + normals (I think I baked the normals in 3dsmax...I'm sure this was the last time I ever baked inside 3dsmax again. I moved to substance painter or marmoset 3 for baking now):

I actually think the LP is terrible now, there's a lot I would do differently given how much time has passed..but that doesn't matter to me right now because this isn't for anything. I definitely could have optimized a ton of the topology and loops. What's important here is to move on!

Here's when I stopped after I made the low poly, unwrapped, baked, and painted some base colors. I hated it, and stopped working on it.

Fast forward 3 years later. I have a random stroke of motivation and think about the unfinished dagger. I've worked on a ton of new things these past 3 years, God of War, Bioshock, the Majoras Mask cinematic and Deku Mask. I completely forgot about the dagger. 

First thing I do is open the file, reassess the situation and start to make a game plan. I start to add some materials because shiny things are cooler, add some grunge, paint some edges, I even changed the color of the bandage.

It's looking better, but it still feels off. I don't really like the design that much for some reason. I take a break, go have dinner and I have an AH-HA moment! When I got back home, I changed some proportions, added grass planes, changed the bandage colors back to red, and hand painted some more. Now I'm starting to like the new direction. Still a ways to go, but I'm hyped for the new direction.

Still a WIP. I'll post more as I go!