UE5 | Ninety Days | Japan Steps

We are always trying make art easy here at Epic and Ninety Days was a test to see what a small team of individual artists could accomplish using UE5, Megascans, and Sketchfab in ninety days. There were no hard and fast rules other than, try to finish an environment in 3 days from start to final pixels, there were a few exceptions but nearly every environment was built in 3 days or less. It was a fun challenge to watch unfold, the artists were motivated by the speed and fluidity at which they could build.
Creating amazing environments is the start to creating amazing experiences in real-time. We hope Ninety Days inspires anyone and everyone to dive into UE5 and experience creating without friction to bring their ideas and worlds to life.

Take a look at the complete 'Ninety Days' release right here:

I traveled to Japan in 2019 and was inspired after visiting the Fushimi Inari Shrine on Mount Inari in Southern Kyoto. I climbed the entire hiking route with friends up the mountain. There are thousands of torii gates, shrines, statues, lanterns and I knew one day I wanted to create an environment inspired by the shrines and gateways. This project was the perfect fit for it.

I was able to help on this project with a single environment which was created in 3 days.

Everything for 'Ninety Days' was created using the Epic Games and Quixel Ecosystem, meaning we used Megascans, Metahumans, Sketchfab and the Epic Marketplace.

Please check out the 'Ninety Days' environments by these artists. They all created such amazing environments which made this project so special as a collection.

Personal reference from my trip to Japan and concept art inspiration

Personal reference from my trip to Japan and concept art inspiration