Unreal Engine 5 Early Access - Mega Assemblies

Here is a collection of some of the Mega Assemblies that I created for the Unreal Engine 5 Early Access release.
Mega Assemblies is a new pipeline that I helped develop and am lead of. Big thanks to Marien El Alaoui for the tooling support in UE5.
These Mega Assemblies allow world builders to set dress environments much faster using a collection of these set dressed assets. Reducing hours of work into minutes. A collection of Mega Assemblies can quickly make a detailed world that looks unique with less effort. These are all ready to use RIGHT NOW if you download the UE5 early access build from the Unreal launcher. Enjoy!

Huge shoutout to the team that built many of these alongside me and worked with me to improve them: Jack McKelvie, Isac Crafoord, Jakob Keudel, Wiktor Öhman, Sébastien Van Elverdinghe, and Steven Caron. You guys rule!