Bioshock Collection: Environments

Bioshock 1 & 2 environments in no particular order. Shoutout to the original Irrational Games team who created these environments. It was fun as hell getting to dive into them and uprez everything. Me and one other environment artist (Galen Davis) had full control of all levels in Bio 1 & 2. This was a collaborative task with the help of many other artists, asset integrator's, and an outsourcing studio remastering the props and textures. Big thanks to Alan Lee for art direction and lighting.

In every single image, Galen and myself had a heavy hand in creating assets, textures, lighting, additional set dressing, collision fixes, and much more. If anything looked outdated and didn't have another artist on it, I was in control of doing it, for every level. I won't be taking renders of all the individual assets and textures I made. There are lots for a just a spot fix.

Remastering the levels was a tough task because we had to use the decade old engine the game was created in.