3dsmax to Maya transition in about 1 hour


For any issues or feedback, please email: cordellfelix@gmail.com

This tutorial is meant for primary 3dsmax users wanting to learn Maya. 

Works with Maya 2018 & 2019!

This tutorial combined with my custom Maya preferences will help you feel more at home in Maya. I've created hotkeys, shelf buttons, and show all sorts of quality of life tips to let you hit the ground running in about an hour. All you need to do is drag and drop my custom preferences in your Maya documents location, load up my hotkeys, and follow along with my hotkey cheat sheet. You'll find yourself hitting the same hotkeys from 3dsmax while you're in Maya, and the expected results will happen, with some exceptions. I'll go over the most useful tools I use in Maya for my day to day job.

I hope my video will find and help those needing to transition from 3dsmax to Maya quickly, like I had to.

This tutorial includes:

-Custom Maya preferences (Changes look and feel of Maya)

-Custom Hotkeys

-Hotkey cheat sheet



-Hotkeys may not work with keyboards in other languages. Use the hotkey editor to change hotkeys I go through in the tutorial to your language.

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